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Some Matters Needing Attention About Air Track Mat

Dec, 14, 2021

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Both adults and children may be injured in sports. An air track mat is an excellent choice. It can protect people from injury in sports. This article will introduce you to the material of the air track mat and some other basic information.

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The basic information

The texture of material: PVC material
Size: the size can be customized according to customer requirements
Weight: the weight varies according to the size ordered
Packing: PVC bag packing
The texture of material: the use of high-strength molecular composite PVC net cloth, anti-aging test passed, in line with the international EN-71 fire retardant standards, the EU ROH environmental standards.
Product features: this product has high abrasion resistance, tear resistance, tensile resistance, good peeling resistance, high air tightness, good strength, durability, and convenient maintenance.
Production process: it adopts an advanced and brand-new high-frequency welding process, which is initiated nationwide, breaks through the traditional viscose practice, and passes the strict 48-hour air leakage test before leaving the factory to ensure the product quality.


Matters needing attention:
1、 When using the product, - be sure to avoid sharp objects to prevent scratching!
2、 When moving the product, please lift it first and then move it. If you drag on the ground for a long time, it is easy to wear out.

Air track mat is very necessary for people who want to do some special sports. It can effectively prevent injury. If you are interested, Kameymall is your first choice!

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