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useful big ball zorbing from Kameymall

The Zorb Ball For Dependent Scorpio

Jul, 21, 2022

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Scorpio sports enthusiasts need to be constantly on the go or on the go. Even running or jumping will satisfy your busy demands. Although for a long time, you will feel too boring.

Maybe using a zorb ball for zorbing is your new option. Let's talk about which ball is the best choice for you.

Scorpio likes to do things himself / herself

You like to do things yourself. You like to improve your work and life environment, you like to update your thinking, rather than living a life of idleness and mediocrity, which robs you of vitality and energy.

zorb ball

You never accept any failure, and if you suffer a setback, you have a strong psychological reaction. Then you start from scratch, and with tenacious perseverance and tenacity, you'll be back on your way to success. It’s necessary for Scorpio to play zorb ball to have fun.

The specific information for this zorb ball

This product name is “2.5m zorb water ball, zorbing nyc zorbing water” and its size is 2.5m diameter. If you are also interested the material, that’s 0.8mm PVC. And you must be surprising this color is clear, so when you see it in the sun, it’s like a dreaming and magic crystal ball. If you buy this zorb ball, you can get a carry bag for each ball and the repair kit.

Playing instruction

  1. Make sure there are no sharp objects on the ground when playing games. Carpeting is required on the common areas.
  2. Keys and mobile phones, glasses and small sharp ornaments are not allowed during the game.
  3. Check that the foam football is in good condition and that the strap and handle are secure before playing.
  4. Please keep the markings on the foam football in the right direction and do not slide on the foam football in the wrong direction.
  5. Players should fasten their belts and hold both handles tightly.
  6. Children should be accompanied by an adult during the game.
  7. Please use a tear aid (type B) to hold the bubble in place.


Enjoy zorbing, buy a zorb ball for Scorpio from Kameymall!

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