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Fosters A Sense Of Competition On Air Track Mat

Develop Flexibility Exercises With The Air Track Mat

Jun, 16, 2022

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Through years of practice in amateur athletics training, combined with the growth and development characteristics of young students, quality training is characterized by strengthening students' flexibility, flexibility and coordination training, together with a certain amount of light and fast small strength training. This is achieved by using the gymnastic mats to strengthen physical training.

Frog sit

Method: The practitioner's inner calf is in contact with the air track mat, the large and small legs are at right angles, the two feet are perpendicular to the calf, the two forearms are lying on the mat, the further the distance between the two knees the better. The practitioner sits backwards on the hips, when sitting to the limit, do not return immediately, but hold for a few seconds before returning, repeatedly.
Requirements: The practitioner should perform the exercise under relaxed conditions, with adequate preparatory activities, and should not stretch hard.

Wheel running
Method: The practitioner lies flat on the gymnastic mat, supports the waist with both hands, elbows on the mat, raises both legs, bends the knees and does the "wheel" movement, maintains the posture and repeats the exercise.
When doing the "wheel" exercise, bend the knees and maintain a certain angle between the calves and thighs.

The "V" prone method
Do various leg press exercises on the mat, bend the legs in front of the body and press the legs, do cross leg swings in supine, exchange the left and right legs to do the sweeping leg.
"V" prone, upper body back, chest up, eyes forward, bend calves, arms behind shoulders, ankles in both hands, fully stretching the anterior body muscles and thigh muscles. Prone, legs apart, knees bent, ankles in both hands, chest out, rolling to the left and right.
Athletics is the foundation of all sports, the mother of all sports. Physical fitness, in turn, is the foundation in athletics, and building this foundation plays an important role in the future development of young people's athletic ability. The adolescent stage is a key stage in physical and mental development, and is also the fastest stage in accepting all knowledge. Along with good physical education classes, amateur training is used to develop reserve talent.

Air Track Mat
This not only strengthens the students' physical fitness, but also fosters a sense of competition and a positive spirit of not being afraid of hardship, which plays a good role in the students' training performance and even in their future healthy development in life with the air track mat from Kameymall.

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