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Continuous Development Of Athletics Competition On The Air Track Mat

Jun, 16, 2022

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Small gymnastic mats have a great role to play in athletics training.
The clever use of air track mat to assist in the teaching of athletic skills can fully enhance the motivation of athletes to practice and better achieve the teaching objectives.

Developing bouncing power

Bouncing power is one of the most important physical qualities for athletes in track and field. Bouncing power is a combination of strength, speed and co-ordination. With the continuous development of athletics competition, there are higher requirements for the comprehensive ability of athletes, and the bouncing ability has an important role in the improvement of performance in fierce competition.

Hurdle jump
Method: 6 to 10 air track is placed on the floor, each about 1m away (adjusted according to jumping ability). The practitioner stands behind the mat, stands with both feet left and right, bends the knees down, both arms swing back naturally, jumps over the obstacle with the power of the palms of the feet, both arms swing forward and up, bends the knees to cushion when landing (similar to the standing jump).
Requirements: Jump over the obstacle with both arms swinging forward and upwards, landing with knees bent and cushioned.

Split leg jump
Method: Place 6-10 gymnastic mats on the floor, each about 2m away. After jumping with both feet on the ground, the two legs are separated, the front leg is bent as high as possible to cross the mat and land on the ground with the front foot and bend the knee to buffer.
Requirement: Raise the front leg as high as possible, landing on the front foot and cushioning with the bent knee.

Air Track Mat
Kneeling jump up
Method: The practitioner starts by kneeling, raising both arms diagonally, leaning forward, sitting back on the hips, swinging both arms back, then swinging forward and up quickly, while pressing the calves and feet hard, and quickly lifting the waist and lifting the upper body, lifting the knees and closing the legs into a half squat. In other words, swing, lift, press and collect from Kameymall.
Requirements: swing both arms forward and upwards, press the calves and feet hard, and quickly lift the waist and lift the upper body, lift the knees and collect the legs.

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