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Zorb Ball -An Extreme Sport

Dec, 20, 2021

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Zorb ball is one of the newest and most extreme sports in the world. It originated in New Zealand and became popular rapidly in many countries. Do you want to try this exciting game?

inflatable hamster ball for humans

The structure of this ball

Zorb ball is composed of a plastic balloon filled with compressed air (the diameter of the outer ball is 3M), and a plastic ball with a diameter of 2m is also installed inside the balloon. People get into the ball through an entrance, which provides enough air for the people inside. If a person gets into a zorb ball and rolls down a hillside or river, the centrifugal force will make him close to the ball wall, so he won't rotate in the ball. There is also a 50cm thick air cushion in the ball, which will offer cushions when the ball collides with objects and rolls in uneven places. Thus, people can keep safe inside and will not be injured. People feel their hearts beat faster when rolling. To be honest, is it the most unforgettable experience for you?

Tourists drill into the inner ball from the ball mouth and fix it by holding hands and binding the waist. Each ball can carry two people at the same time.

Zorb ball has become one of the hottest spot projects
In fact, the zorb ball is another emerging hot spot project after rock climbing and bungee jumping. It is safe, reliable, and thrilling, which is suitable for various tourist scenic spots, water parks, children's parks, ski resorts, and sand skiing grounds.


Where to buy a zorb ball?
To enjoy this exciting and unforgettable sports game, choose a zorb ball and roll from the gentle slope. Then our shopping website will not make you disappointed, get ready for an event that you are looking forward to. Kameymall is a website, which provides a number of kinds of zorb balls, welcome to browse it.

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