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Grass Zorb Ball And Water Zorb Ball

Dec, 21, 2021

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Zorb ball, a beautiful and huge PVC transparent ball. It is composed of an outer ball with a diameter of more than three meters and an inner ball with a diameter of more than two meters. The two balls are filled with air and connected by thousands of nylon ropes. People can enter the inner ball through the entrance. Moreover, it is one of the most exciting and extreme sports games in the world.


Grass zorb ball, has a seat belt and two entrances

giant plastic ball

Flat green space with slope, generally with a slope of about 30 degrees are the best site. When the ball rolls down the slope, the people inside will rotate with the ball, they can experience the feeling of weightlessness and rotation at the same time.

They have excellent teamwork, strength and fitness are play an important role in these activities. Pedal, fall, push but move the zorb ball forward or you are going to be stuck mid-stream and without anything but your acumen to steer you to shore. An activity where teamwork, strength, and fitness will play an absolutely important role to get you on the right track.

The water zorb ball, has no seat belt, only a double-layer net, and an entrance.
It is a transparent ball that can be played on the water. Users can get into it and “walk” on the water.

By walking on the water, we can improve our coordination balance ability, and movements of the body by walking through the exercise on the water. Water zorbing activity was found to be most consistent with the coordination of body and systemic movement with the popularity of the games, the introduction of transformation, become a recreation characteristic of water sports suitable for a mass movement.


Where to buy a zorb ball
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