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Bikinis And Lingerie Are Of Great Difference

Jun, 22, 2022

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Bikinis and regular lingerie are similar in appearance, both are "three-point". But they are different in many other ways. For example, they wear the method, fabric, function, etc.
How to distinguish bikini swimsuits and lingerie

Different ways to wear

First of all, bikini swimsuits and lingerie both have different methods to wear. Bikini is a kind of swimsuits, and it can be worn outside; while lingerie is worn inside the clothes, and it can not be worn outside.

The fabric is different
Second, they are very different is the use of fabric. On the on hand, bikini swimsuits are mainly made of nylon, spandex, nylon; on the other hand, the lingerie is mainly made of cotton.

Different functions
Then the function of the two is not the same. Bikini is suitable for underwater sports. It is waterproof, elastic, which is in order to reduce resistance. Besides, it is very tight; However, the main function of lingerie is to protect women's breasts, to support and shape the role of skin-friendly, breathable, moisture absorption, comfortable to wear can not be too tight.

The style is different
Finally, there is a big difference in their styles. Bikini swimsuits are often worn outside, the design is more focused on the visual effect, the material is relatively thick. And they have fashionable appearance. Also, they have a wide range of styles, such as strappy bikini, blouse bikini, neck bikini, two-point bikini, etc. The lingerie is usually worn inside, and the material of it is lighter and thinner. It has no more styles than a bikini, it is more single.

Where can I buy a bikini
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