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How To Choose A Mat For Fitness

Jan, 18, 2022

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Is the fitness mat easy to shift? Mat debris after each exercise? Replace the mat every two or three months? This is a problem for many fitness lovers. Before purchasing fitness mats, we must clarify the purpose of purchasing fitness mats. Today, Kameymall will summarize the five selection criteria of the fitness mat.

What material is better for the fitness mat:

The performance and experience of cushions made of different materials are different. At present, the mat materials include NBR, TPE, Pu rubber, and PVC, but these are yoga mat materials, which are not suitable for fitness.
Yoga mainly focuses on static training and stretching. Yoga mats are generally soft and delicate;
Fitness is a high-intensity and large-scale running and jumping exercise, and the required cushion needs excellent anti-skid, durability, and cushioning;
The biggest difference in material is the weight. The weight of the 8mm yoga mat is about 2kg; The weight of the same specification 7mm thick fitness mat is 5kg, high-density structure, and real materials. The heavy-weight tile fits the ground. How to jump and run, the mat will not shift. So the price will be a little higher.

What size is better for:
The size of the yoga mat is standard, while the fitness mat has various Super sizes, which are selected according to the type of exercise and the size of indoor space.
A variety of super large size options, according to the home space to choose the appropriate size. Choose large or small, large-scale sports are more enjoyable, of course, according to the size of the space. You can choose the air track, also.

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