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How Do I Use a Zorb Ball for Recovery from Exercise?

Jan, 18, 2022

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It can be challenging to know how you should use a zorb ball after exercise, but the following is some information that may be useful.

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The way you recover your muscles

After exercising, your muscles need to recover and relax back to their original state, ready for you to work them again! After exercising, you can help this process occur more quickly by using a Zorb ball [Zorb]. Zorb balls are great because they have the added benefit of being so much fun!

Zorbing is a lot of fun, but it is also a great way of helping your muscles relax. After exercising, they will need nutrients and oxygen, which will come from blood flow through the veins and capillaries within your muscles. As you roll around in the zorb ball, this movement will generate friction, increasing blood flow. This means that your muscles are getting nutrients and oxygen more quickly than usual, speeding up recovery time!
To get the most out of using a zorb ball after exercising, it is essential to know what exercises you have done so you can choose the appropriate one for your needs. You should use a soft zorb ball if you have just finished exercising or weight lifting because this type of exercise causes large amounts of microscopic tears within your muscle tissue. A gentle Zorbing ball will help to release lactic acid [the by-product that builds up during strenuous activity], which causes pain and stiffness, meaning that you feel sore after exercising. Gentle zorbing will facilitate the removal of lactic acid and soothe your muscles.

It would help if you used a fierce zorb ball after exercising, which involves short, sharp movements such as sprints or jumping. This kind of activity causes small micro traumas within the muscle tissue. The Zorb ball enables you to massage these areas, helping to increase blood flow to aid recovery and reduce soreness quickly! It's a good idea to use a zorb ball for around 30-45 minutes immediately following exercise to get the most out of it.

Choose your zorb ball
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