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Swimming Is Of Great Help (Part Two)

Apr, 27, 2022

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In our last article, we have shared with you three benefits of swimming, including relieving stress on the cervical spine, losing weight and toning your body. Swimming is really a great exercise to do during off-duty weekends. Today, we will continue to share with you the other benefits of swimming.

In fact, going for a swim in a bikini is the best choice for summer because it feels really good to be in contact with the water in summer. So, let's go swimming together in bikini swimsuits.

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Improves the cardiovascular system

When a person swims, all organs are involved, much energy is expended and blood pressure circulation is accelerated. The increased blood flow increases the load on the heart, causing it to beat faster and contract stronger and more powerfully. The action of the water during swimming makes it easy for blood from the limbs to flow back to the heart, increasing the thickness and elasticity of the blood vessel walls. In addition, when swimming, the human body is horizontal, which can keep all parts of the body under the same gravitational force and balanced blood circulation distribution, reducing the burden on the heart and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Increase lung capacity

The density of water is much greater than that of air, so if you want to exhale, you have to exert yourself, so whether you inhale or exhale, you can enhance the contraction of the respiratory muscles, thus enhancing the function of the respiratory system and increasing lung capacity. According to statistics, the lung capacity of adult men under normal conditions is 3000-4000ml, while for those who swim regularly, it can reach 5000-6000ml.


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