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Home news Product If You Are Quarantined (Part 2)
26ft air track mat for home

If You Are Quarantined (Part 2)

Jun, 23, 2022

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With an epidemic, everyone is at risk of being quarantined - after all, the New Coronavirus is so contagious. And, for our own safety, we also need to go to less crowded places and try not to go out if we have nothing to do. So, rather than learning to make our lives more meaningful and filled with more fun while we are in isolation, we should adapt to living at home for long periods of time.

In the last article, we have mentioned that your life will be much richer if you have an air tumble track mat at home, as you can do many things on it, such as yoga. So, today, I will continue to share with you what you can do at home with the air track mat.

air track mat
Learn to dance

Do you want to be a classy person? If you do, you can learn to dance on your own during your stay at home. Basic dance exercises such as head lifts, chest lifts and tummy lifts can correct problems such as hunchbacks and shoulder strains. When dancing, one's head, neck, back, arms, waist, hips and legs have to move in a coordinated manner so that the muscles of the whole body are stimulated to look more coordinated and perfectly upright.
If you are a student about to enter university, perhaps dance can make you a classy beauty in the eyes of your university peers. Do you have what it takes to get on stage? Do you want to be the brightest star on stage?

The air track mat is perfect for the home

First of all, the space at home is naturally not as wide as a gymnasium, so if you choose a traditional gymnastics mat, you will need to make a special place for the mat. Even if you wanted to put it away, it wouldn't be easy to do so, as traditional mats take up too much space. If you choose the air track mat, you will find that once you have drained the air out of it, it can be folded into a small piece and placed in a cupboard, under a bed or on top of a wardrobe.

Secondly, the air track mat was originally used for cartwheels, so it is very soft and flexible, making it ideal as a dance training aid. You can even vary the amount of inflation to determine whether the mat is softer or firmer depending on your needs.


If you want to buy an air track mat, I recommend Kameymall for two reasons: firstly, you can customise the mat to suit your needs. Secondly, the mats here are made of brushed fabric, which is very durable and does not leak easily.

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