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Buy Zorb Balls For Group Games

Apr, 09, 2022

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How do you find the perfect zorb ball activity for your group? Maybe you think it is a challenge at first, but not when you know these helpful hints. Zorb balls, also known as giant hamster balls, are an innovative way to get your group active and having fun together! There are many different types of activities that you can fit into one zorb ball session.

Here are some common ideas about group zorb games

1.) Obstacle course: This type of event will require a large amount of space and physical exertion from everyone in the group. To accomplish this goal, divide participants into multiple groups and compete against each other to see who completes their obstacle course first.

2.) Musical Chairs: The old classic game has never been more fun than when you play it with giant hamster balls! As everyone runs around looking for their perfect spot to sit, make sure that someone plays music at a comfortable pace.

3.) Human Tetris: To start this activity, participants must first line up in two separate lines facing each other. Then they will move forward into the big zorb ball and fit themselves into its grooves accordingly. Don't forget to have music playing at a medium tempo!

4.) Human Foosball: The rules for human foosball are simple: stand inside the zorb ball and push it around an open space. The ball will act like a large paddle, so whoever is standing on top of it can strike other group members.

Hamster Zorb

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