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How To Walk On Water With The Zorb Ball?

Jan, 29, 2022

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Have you ever thought of what it is like to roll on the water in a hamster ball? Well, we are here to let you know about it. Get introduced to zorb balls that are a great source of adventure and fun. Unlike any hamster ball, this ball is not made of hard plastic but of durable PVC, having some give, making it ideal for bounding on water.

This inflatable sphere has a waterproof zipper using which you can crawl inside and then wait while someone pumps it with some air. Then zip it up, and off you go. 


The Invention Of The Modern Zorb Ball:

Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis made this modern zorb ball from New Zealand. They retained the inflatable shoes that would help walk on water but found that people just kept falling over. The shoes would stay resolutely floating over the surface so people couldn't stand upright again. 

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When they thought of switching to the land version, it started becoming greatly popular, and now it is just spread everywhere – on music festivals, outdoor events, and you name it. It provides a great adventure and a day out with your loved ones.

You will be able to enjoy your time out rolling from hills, walking on water, or enjoying your time on grass surfaces. The land version of these zorb balls has become highly popular around the globe. 

Walking on water, you will need some assistance, as you have to be sitting inside the ball while someone inflates it and zips you up. And because it may only be unzipped from the outside, it must always be used under supervision if you require some help getting out.

Also, being an airtight and waterproof one, it is suggested that you only stay inside the ball for 15 minutes maximum so that you aren't using all of the oxygen. Even with all of these restrictions, people still enjoy it a lot. 


These are delightful zorb ball activities that can make you walk on water and let you enjoy your life to its extreme. Walking over a water surface has been a dream of man forever, and now a zorb ball can make it happen. You will enjoy these zorbing activities once you have the highest quality of a zorb ball from the highest quality producers, such as Kameymall. They are offering these balls at the best prices and the highest quality.

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