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Pumping Up Your Air Track: How Can I Choose Methods

Apr, 14, 2022

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The air track can be easily inflated in a variety of ways: by hand pump, foot pump, or using an electric pump. The type of pump you use depends on where you are, the size of the electric and mat.Larger pad and the air bucket it is best to use an electric pump due to its volume expansion, but if you do not have access to power, such as in a park or outdoors, you may need a hand or foot pump.  

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Air track foot pump  

If you want to pump air track mat easily, a foot pump is usually supplied with a small air cushion 1 meter long, such as an air point and air block. These single-action pumps are ideal for smaller pads and don't require much effort because it's easier to pump with your legs than your arms.  They're not as fast as hand or electric pumps, but they're still a good option, and they work well.  


Pneumatic track hand pump  

Hand pumps are the best choice for small pads, or when you don't have electricity available, such as when you're riding an air track in a park or at the beach. There are usually two types of hand pumps, single acting and double acting. Single action hand air pump, when you push the air pump down, the air pump into the mat. This is the most common pump action, and if you've ever used a bicycle pump etc., you might be used to this action. Dual acting pump, which pumps air into the mat as you pull up and push down. This means they will make your mat expand faster.  This dual action is your best choice if you don't have electricity for an electric pump, especially for larger pads. Double-acting pumps switch to regular single-acting by opening a special bonnet on the pump. This is useful when the pressure on the "up" stroke becomes too much, and the user just needs to apply pressure on the "down" stroke like a normal pump.


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