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Air Track Mat Maintaning Guidance

Apr, 14, 2022

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There are more and more users to use modern and high-tech air track mat to do exercises. But we should also know about how to maintain our mats in case that irreversal damage is caused to them.

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Choose good quality air tracks

If you want a product that will last longer, you should be prepared to spend a little more time.  My top brands of inflators and air track mat in the country. They are made of good quality material and are thick enough not to crack easily.  You can read more about why I recommend them in this article. The cost of an air guide depends on the length you want, but roughly speaking, a 16-foot high quality mat can cost between $300- $500.  Anything less is unlikely to be sustainable.  

Also, check the warranty on the product. The air Track factory offers a 5 year warranty, which is very nice and shows that they believe in their product.  


Use the air tracks on the correct ground  

Air tracks can be used on a variety of surfaces, both indoor and outdoor, including grass, sand, and even water.  But before inflating, check the ground carefully for sharp objects that could damage or tear the material. If you're outside, you need to clean up twigs, branches, rocks and trash. If you're in a house, check the floor for sharp edges or dust. Also, be aware that on extremely hot days, the surface under the air track heats up and can damage the material. For this reason, I would avoid using air rails on concrete or asphalt. Even in colder weather, these rough surfaces are more likely to tear material.  


In professional gymnastics facilities, air tracks are usually placed on a carpeted floor, such as a spring floor or roll track. My advice would be to put an air track on carpet surfaces in your home as well, if possible. Well, if you are planning to purchase a good air track mat, you can also visit Kameymall for good ones.

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