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What Shoes Did I Pick For My Father?

Aug, 10, 2022

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My dad has always been in the house building business. Although the income is relatively good, it is a very hard and dangerous trade. It will soon be his birthday and I am going to prepare a practical birthday gift for him that I am sure he will like and use. What is it? Let me show you.



It's a pair of safety shoes


The picture shows a pair of shoes with a hammer smashed into the toe and several nails placed right underneath the shoe. In such a harsh environment, it's amazing that this shoe has remained intact and undamaged. Yes, these are the shoes that protect people's feet from the harsh external environment. These safety shoes are what I was planning to give my dad for his birthday. I bought these shoes from Kameymall, a Chinese foreign trade company. Since I was on a budget and I am only a university student after all, I chose an online shop that was having a sale.


I think the performance that this pair of safety shoes has is perfect for my dad's working environment. Let's take a look.

safety shoes




During the construction of a house, many times my dad needs to go and assist in moving heavy objects such as cement, bricks etc. Sometimes if they are not careful, these things may fall and hit their feet. At this point, without the protection of safety shoes, they could be injured. Since these safety shoes can withstand a hammer blow, I am sure they can protect my dad too.



Puncture protection


Before building the house, my dad needed to build a wooden frame around the edge of the house to make it easier for them to climb up through the windows and work at height. Then, when putting up the wooden frame, there is a chance that there will be some nails on the ground. These safety shoes will minimise the risk that nails may pose.





Another very useful feature of these shoes is that they are slip resistant. The slip resistance can also be of great use in important situations, such as when it is raining or when the ground is slippery. In addition, these shoes actually look a bit like casual shoes and have a good look. If you are looking for a pair of safety shoes, either men's safety shoes or safety shoes for women, I personally think the Kameymall is a good choice.

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