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Home news Product Picking A Chic Zorb Ball For Summer-Part2
big zorb ball with some persons

Picking A Chic Zorb Ball For Summer-Part2

Jun, 28, 2022

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Today I will introduce a new type of game to you.

This game is called the zorb ball game. the zorb balls are made of PVC or TPU.

water ball zorbing

Tpu material


The main uses of TPU are automotive parts and machine parts, sports shoe soles, rubber rollers, wires and cables, hoses, films and sheets, fabrics (coatings and high elastic socks, etc.), tape adhesives, fabric coatings, adhesives Wait.



Due to its high chemical stability, it can be used to make anti-corrosion pipelines, pipe fittings, oil pipelines, centrifugal pumps, and blowers. The rigid board of PVC is widely used in the chemical industry to make the lining of various storage tanks, corrugated boards of buildings, door and window structures, wall decorations, and other building materials. Due to its excellent electrical insulation properties, it can be used in the manufacture of plugs, sockets, switches, and cables in the electrical and electronic industries. In daily life, PVC is used to make sandals, raincoats, toys, artificial leather, etc.!

Because PVC will be added with stabilizers during production, the stabilizers are divided into non-toxic and toxic. Only when toxic stabilizers such as lead salts are added, will there be hidden dangers. However, PVC products are mixed, and some small enterprises use lead salt as a stabilizer, which makes it difficult to meet relevant hygiene standards.


PVC consumption

The injection processing method is mostly used in the manufacture of sports shoe soles, heels, watch straps, etc. The temperature, pressure, and molding cycle are the basic conditions for injection molding products.

The softness, elongation at break, and cold resistance of soft PVC will increase, but the brittleness, hardness, and tensile strength will decrease. According to statistics, in 1995 alone, the production of PVC in Europe was about 5 million tons, while its consumption was 5.3 million tons. In Germany, PVC production and consumption average 1.4 million tons. Among the materials that can produce three-dimensional surface films, PVC is the most suitable material.


Where to buy

You can go to Kameymall to buy zorb balls. You will have a very nice experience.

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