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Home news Product Air Tracks For Jumping Exercising (Part 1)
air track pro for long jump

Air Tracks For Jumping Exercising (Part 1)

Jun, 21, 2022

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Are you a primary school teacher? The target audience for this article is primary school teachers. In this article, I will share some applications of air track mats in jumping activities that are sure to be helpful to you.

In the process of jumping exercises, how can you solve the problem of the field and deal with the phenomenon of less porridge and more gravel, but still allow students to practise without being distracted by the gravel, which causes certain safety hazards and affects the effectiveness of students' classroom exercises? In the teaching, I use the air track mat to arrange the field reasonably and carry out group cooperation exercises, which has received twice the effect with half the effort.

air track mat
Using the air track mat to provide a safety guarantee for the activity

In the long jump, students are grouped according to their physical condition and air track mats are placed behind the same starting line and jumping area. The position of the mat is based on the athletic ability of the students and the approximate distance they will land. The 50cm x 100cm mat ensures that students can land on the soft mat with both feet after a certain amount of assisted running, avoiding injuries caused by students landing directly on the plastic floor. Students are also able to choose the appropriate field according to their athletic ability, which increases their confidence in practising. In the activity of high jump, multiple high jump sites are designed to make full use of the air track mat, which is placed underneath the high jump cross-rope (crossbar), allowing students to land on the air track mat after jumping over the cross-rope (crossbar), thus avoiding direct contact with the ground when students land in order to eliminate unsafe factors.

Reasonable layout of the floor to increase practice density

During the teaching of jumping, students are divided into groups of 5-6 students each, according to their gender and physical ability, and have a group leader in charge. Students arrange the field and position the air track mats according to the ability of their group. In the practice process, due to the small number of students in the group, each student can rotate through the exercises within a limited time, and at the same time, during the exercises, they can observe their peers' movements carefully, cheer them on and point out their shortcomings at the right time. The group leader can actively assume the role of teacher during the exercises and reasonably direct the exercises of his peers, so that the students can always organise the exercises in an orderly manner during the exercises. By making full use of the air track mats and arranging the practice area in a reasonable manner, the practice density is effectively increased, providing a stage for students to actively explore and experiment, and also fostering students' self-awareness of learning and their ability to work together.


If you are a teacher or operator of a public school and want to customise some suitable air track mats, I recommend you to come to Kameymall to choose.

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