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How To Wear A Zorb Ball

Jun, 21, 2022

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The correct way to wear a rollerball depends on the type and construction of the ball. We therefore recommend checking the guidelines that come with your rolling ball. There are numerous videos on the internet that highlight how people wear zorb ball.


Always be careful not to forget to unpack and open inflated items. Use the appropriate tools. Do not pull the inflatable in place as there is a risk of burns or holes caused by flying edges. Do not open large inflatable boats alone. Always ask for help. Fully unfold/roll the inflatable and then inflate it.

Put it on on the spot
You are going to the nearest park to you to play with your rolling zorb ball, that park may be a few minutes away. Take your rolling ball with you and put it on at the park or at the place where you are going to play rollerblading. Don't wear your ball at home or in the car. If there is anything sharp around you, this could damage your ball.

Wear it in an open space
Enclosed spaces are a total no-no for Zorbing balls. If you are in an enclosed space, the zorbing ball could be damaged. Where you are playing zorbing, make sure you have enough space around you to get inside the ball freely. Don't think about your size when you want to put the ball on. Remember the size of the ball because it will get much bigger later. Also, small fitting rooms in public parks are not the best place to wear a rollerball.

Checking Zorb
Watch out for sharp objects
Sharp objects are not a friend of the boccia. Make sure that no sharp objects are pushed against the surface of the ball when you put it on. People often overlook small objects, such as knives, especially if you are rollerblading and camping in an open field. Small and pointing stones and pebbles are also harmful and have the potential to harm your zorb ball from Kameymall.

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