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Most-Noted Questions Of Air Track Mat

Feb, 21, 2022

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What are the benefits of AirTrack Mats?  

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Cushions have several advantages, including that they are airtight and completely silent. They are also easy to store and require very little space. Depending on thickness and pressure changes, AirTracks can feel soft and stretchy or, on the other hand, firm and soft. AirTrack Mat can be used as a complement to any sport. Think of gymnastics, free running and martial arts, to name just a few.  The mat will enable users to take their skills to the next level. The material protects joints by inhibiting jumping. Cushions can be used in the gym, in the garden, or even in the house if there is space. It is also useful for sessions with physical therapists.  


What thickness of AirTrack should I have?  

Choosing a low-pressure mat 20 to 30 centimeters thick will give you an easier start, a higher jump, a softer landing and less impact. Choosing the same high pressure pad will give you more stability and resilience.  


Can AirTracks be used outdoors?  

Yes, you can set AirTrack on outdoor grass, concrete, sand and even water. They work well on almost any surface that has enough room for a cushion. If you don't have power outside, make sure you pump the AirTrack pad with your foot.  


Can you wear your shoes on the AirTrack mat?  

Do not use shoes on AirTrack as they may damage the surface. If you need better grip, use non-slip nails to clamp your socks. How do I store AirTrack MATS? I recommend that you store the AirTrack neatly after use and spread it out across the entire width to keep it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.  It is recommended to roll up the mat tightly only when you want to transport it. If you choose to leave your AirTrack outside at night, it's important to give off a lot of air pressure to prevent overpressure when the sun is up and giving off heat.  


How can I make my AirTrack more resilient?  

AirTrack provides flexibility, providing more air and power for your jumps. You can adjust the cushion's elasticity by changing the pressure. At maximum pressure, AirTrack feels stiff, while reducing pressure makes it more flexible and flexible. Want more bounces? Then go to the trampoline! You will find the best fitness trampoline continuously here. For purchase advices, we recommend you purchase air tracks on Kameymall because Kameymall has many high-quality air track products. It’s more likely to buy one you like.

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