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Maybe You Should Start Considering Updating Your Exercise

Feb, 21, 2022

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When it comes to inflatable gymnastics mat, we will have such a question: what is the difference between inflatable Air Track Mat and ordinary gymnastics mat? The common gymnastics mat in our life, sponge mat density is little, can only do yoga a kind of activity.  The use of inflatable gymnastics mat is very wide, such as gymnastics, taekwondo, flips, yoga, martial arts, dancing, floating and other activities.

An Leading Update From Traditional Gymnastic Mat 

After understanding the market demand, gymnastic mat developers found that the existing yoga mat can not meet the needs of most fitness enthusiasts. The gymnastic mat with sponge material has many disadvantages such as airtight and easy sliding.  Therefore the appearance of inflatable gymnastics mat for the pursuit of high quality sports experience fitness enthusiasts brought good news. Technical personnel in a number of tests, the choice of imported raw materials PVC cloth net, inflatable gymnastics mat once invented can be quickly popular in the market one of the important reasons. The soft material can effectively reduce the friction of the human body during training, and also play a waterproof and moisture-proof effect, effectively protect the human body from injury.  

Why are inflatable yoga MATS so widely used?  

Material is one of the most important reasons. The inflatable yoga mat is made of brushed fabric imported from South Korea, with a thickness of 10cm to 20cm as a general rule and various colors. This kind of raw material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to clean and harmless to health. Glue is also imported products, through perfect manual processing, will not produce air leakage, deflated phenomenon. Strong protection, high density, safe and smooth, soft and comfortable, wide range of activities.   

Kameymall has many inflatable gymnastics mats around or at both ends with Velcro convenient for all kinds of venue application, according to customer requirements to produce a variety of sizes of inflatable gymnastics mat. You can easily choose the proper products with different effect performance ther at Kameymall.

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