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Notes For The Zorb Ball Team Tumbling Game

Apr, 25, 2022

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We have a very interesting zorb ball game for you today, the bubble ball team tumbling game. Before playing this game we must prepare at least two zorb balls and determine the start and finish line, then divide all participants into teams and select two players from each team to play as a team. One player drills into the bubble zorb ball and the other player pushes this zorb ball and rolls it to the finish line. Another player then drills into the bubble ball and is rolled back to the start line. The cycle repeats until all members of the team are involved. Whichever group finishes the game the fastest is the winner.

Although this game is great fun, there are a few precautions that need to be taken to protect the zorb ball when playing this game. After all, if the zorb ball is broken, it could be a threat to your safety. Let's take a look.

zorb ball
Notes for this game

Firstly, you should choose a flat surface and preferably not an area that may contain sharp objects or obstacles that could pierce your zorb ball.

Secondly, before we enter the zorb ball we should check that we do not have any sharp objects on us, such as hand jewellery. For example, you should also not wear clothes with zips in them.

Again, this game is not suitable for playing in windy or rainy weather, but of course, too hot weather is not really suitable either.

Finally, many people are concerned about the lack of oxygen in the zorb ball. No, but the oxygen supply in the zorb will only allow you to breathe normally for about 15 minutes, so don't stay in it for too long.


This is a great game to experience on holiday. Because it is really relaxing. If you want to experience this game with friends or family this holiday, then you can come to Kameymall right now and get yourself the zorb ball.

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