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Notes For Water Walking Ball

Apr, 25, 2022

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Have you heard of the zorb ball? It allows you to walk or run freely through water, even if you can't swim. Can you believe it? This is the water walking ball, which is a very large transparent plastic sphere. People get inside the zorb ball and can then run or walk freely in the zorb ball. This is a very new game that many people have not experienced before. If you have the chance, you can experience it too.

Although the game is very interesting, there are still some precautions to take when playing the game, and these are all about protecting the zorb ball. After all, if the zorb ball is broken, it could be a threat to your safety. Let's take a look.

zorb ball
The dos and don'ts of this game

Firstly, you should choose a reliable body of water, and it is better not to choose a place for the game that may contain sharp objects or obstacles that could pierce your zorb ball. Also, the safety of the water is something you need to consider, for example, if you choose to experience the water walking ball at sea, then I would definitely be against it as you could drift away with the zorb ball towards the deep sea.

Secondly, we should check that we don't have any sharp objects on us before entering the zorb ball, such as hand jewellery. For example, you should also not go in wearing clothing with zips.

Again, if you choose to experience the water walking ball on outdoor waters. This game is not suitable for playing in weather with high winds or heavy rain, and of course, too hot weather is not really suitable either. Therefore, it is recommended that you play in a large indoor pool, or a reliable outdoor pool where safety can be guaranteed.

Finally, many people are concerned about the lack of oxygen in the zorb ball. No, but the oxygen supply in the zorb will only allow you to breathe normally for about 15 minutes, so don't stay in there for too long.



Overall, the game is relatively safe if your choice of water is reliable. If you want to use this holiday to experience this game, then you can come to Kameymall right now and get yourself the zorb ball.

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