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Comparative Analysis Of Tumbling On Air Track Mats VS Regular Foam Mats

Feb, 26, 2022

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The advantages of tumbling on air track mat are self-evident. However, even the most obvious answers might be overlooked. Here are five reasons why you should practice on air track mat rather than traditional foam mats:

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Tumbling on air track mat

1) Repetitive injury reduction
Ask anyone over 60 how their bodies feel after years of tumbling on rubber mats. There hasn't been much scientific research to back up what we believe is very self-evident: Softer surfaces mean less impact, which implies athletes' joints will last longer.
2) Faster progression with longer training sessions.
It's the 10,000-hour rule for becoming an expert. It's all about practice, practice, practice. Making training easy for athletes allows them to train for longer periods of time. More repetitions, more training, and a faster growth are all beneficial.
Air Track mats are not trampolines, so bear that in mind. As a result, the transition from Air Track mat to floor will be much faster than the transfer from trampoline to floor.
3) Provides more bounce than standard foam mats.
When it comes to acquiring new abilities, there's nothing wrong with a little assistance. Foam mats provide little to no rebound aid, making landing that fresh new technique all the more difficult. Air Track mats can provide just the right amount of bounce to keep you moving forward.
Look through our catalogue for 8 inch tumbling mats to see how the thicker mats can help with additional bounce.
4) They are more practical than foam mats.
Foam mats can only be folded or collapsed so far. Roll-up Air Track mats fit beneath mattresses, in drawers, and on shelves.
5) They're entertaining!
Even the largest Air Track mats can be folded down to a manageable size.

More tumbling on air track mats
When tumbling is enjoyable, young children will do it more often. There's no hurry to rush outside and away from the television. Outside of gymnastics or cheerleading practise, no twisting arms to practise abilities. Your ally is amusement.

High quality air tracks at Kameymall
Kameymall has a wide range of air track mats for tumbling, gymnastics and home exercises.

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