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Bikinis Belong To All Coquettish Women

Apr, 16, 2022

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First of all, we need to understand, what kind of beauty is bikini to express? Sexy, confident beauty, wind emotion, natural dynamic beauty from the human body.  

Different cultrure brings different views of values of wearing

There are a lot of people say that bikini for women is the patent of thin beauty, but not necessarily. In eastern culture who has always advocated implicit and introverted. When you look at Chinese and Western paintings, you can see the differences between the two cultures. In eastern paintings, women rarely show their bodies, but they are covered in long gowns and big sleeves. If they want to cover up their shame, they still hold the lute and half cover their faces. However, in western paintings, we can often see wanton bodybuilding, publicity, self-confidence and unfettered expression. This is caused by the difference between the two aesthetic cultures.  


Bikini wearing habits and attitude differences

As, the blend of Chinese and western fashion civilization, the development of society, today, to bikini, has been a lot of people love. How to wear a bikini? It is not only the patent of thin beauty, but also the favorite of fat beauty. First, in terms of mentality, old ideas must be broken. Don't be afraid to wear clothes that show your confidence. Second, how to wear a bikini. You can express your unique beauty through your hair, makeup, smile, and temperament. Third, bikini and you are to get along with and fusion. The more you dare not wear it, the less it belongs to you. When you get good at it, you become one. Fourth, through bikini, you can further understand yourself and walk into a richer inner world. Listen to me, there is no mistake. The beauty of the world is diverse, not just a single boring beauty molded by the media. That’s all for some bikini tutle-tattle.

Where can you buy a bikini

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