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Safety Shoes Small Trick: How To Prevent Foot Odor

Apr, 16, 2022

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After wearing safety shoes for a long time, many friends will react to the problem of smelly feet.  Foot odor is first caused by foot sweat and bacterial infections. Your foot odor is obviously caused by wearing labor protection shoes for years, which causes your feet to be too sealed and your feet can't sweat out in time.   

How do we get foot odor wearing safety shoes

Foot odor is the bacterial infection caused by excessive secretion or sweating of feet when wearing safety shoes for women, and the sweat volatilization is not timely. Bacteria will take the dead skin, dirt, sweat stains of feet, and many microorganisms as nutrients, and breed in a large range in your feet skin.  

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The solution  

First, you need to wear cotton socks. Because you wear labor protection shoes is estimated to be due to work reasons, must wear, so when wearing, try to put on pure cotton socks, pure cotton socks have the effect of sweat absorption, when your feet secrete sweat, socks will absorb part of the sweat of the feet, not all residual between shoes and soles of the feet.  


The next step is sterilization. Since we know that foot odor is caused by foot sweat bacterial infection, we need timely sterilization, use professional sterilization products, remove the bacteria inside the skin of the feet, only bacteria without foot odor will disappear from the root.  


Finally, nursing. Sterilization alone is not enough, but also need to do a good job of daily care.  Improve your living habits by washing your feet in hot water and putting on comfortable shoes after work. Socks every night to change the cleaning, change socks, socks washed as far as possible with boiling water ironed and then dry, so wear it will be very comfortable. Some people wash directly air, especially boys, until the air dry, socks feel hard, this is due to not washed clean or without boiling water ironing. At the same time, we should pay attention to foot hygiene, avoid sharing slippers and foot wiping cloth with family members, so as not to infect the problem of foot odor to family members.  

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