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What Are Zorb Balls Used For?

Aug, 13, 2022

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Zorb balls, also known as bubble balls, are giant spheres made of clear vinyl or plastic. They can be inflated and used as sports equipment such as zorbing and bubble football.


Different types

There are different types of zorbing balls for different purposes. Human-sized zorb balls are for individual play. Aqua zorb balls are for water sports, and there are some mini zorb balls for kids.


Different uses

Zorb balls can be used for a variety of purposes, both recreational and commercial. Most people use zorb balls to play some sports activities, while some companies may use them for advertising.

Before talking about the uses of zorb balls, we need to know what a zorb ball exactly is. To put it simply, zorb balls are spheres made of PVC materials for people to get inside it to roll downhill. They were invented in 1995 by German engineer David Rainer. Zorb balls can be used for recreation as they are commonly used in parks and playgrounds, but they are also used for more serious purposes. For example, they have been used as a training tool for firefighters and as a way to transport goods in hard-to-reach places.

Surely, zorb balls are more likely to be used for entertainment purposes. People use zorb balls to roll down hills, slopes or mountains, and some people even use them in swimming pools. The experience is similar to riding a water slide, but more fun because you can control your movement although it’s not that easy. In conclusion, zorbing is probably the most common use for zorb balls. People just get inside the ball and roll it down a hill or track. What’s more, zorb balls are often used for outdoor activities like bubble football. They can also be used as part of a water park where people can ride them in swimming pools or ponds. Some companies even use them as a marketing gimmick.

Do you want to get yourself a zorb ball? You can visit Kameymall, an online store providing incredible products including zorb balls, to pick your favorite one and most zorb balls from it have a one-year warranty.

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