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a crystal zorb human hamster ball

Why Not Go For A Zorbing At Richardson Farm?

Aug, 08, 2022

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Do you know zorbing? It's where you go inside the zorb ball and roll down the slope with the giant sphere, bringing you a sense of weightlessness, excitement, pleasure and satisfaction. It's no less exciting than traditional amusement park rides such as the rollercoaster, the Polar Express and the Big Swing. Let's take a look at the equipment you need to experience zorbing.

zorb ball

Equipment needed for zorbing

In this picture, a super-sized crystal ball is placed on the grass at night. In fact, this is the zorb ball or human hamster ball, which is essential for zorbing. It is a double layer of a huge clear plastic ball with an air filled gap between the two layers to protect the player as it counteracts the pressure from the ground and prevents the player from coming into direct contact with the hard ground.

When zorbing, you can choose to be immobilised in the zorb ball, which is somewhat similar to a rollercoaster in that you cannot move while the giant sphere is spinning you around. This is the safest way to play. Alternatively, you can fill the zorb ball with water and experience the sensation of tumbling through a washing machine. The most exciting way to play is, of course, to move around in the zorb ball without being held in it and without filling it with water. So, where can you experience zorbing?

Richardson Farm

Richardson Farm is considered to be the top location for offering zorbing on the slopes and is definitely one of the top five locations in the United States for zorbing activities. It is also known for its proximity to the world's largest corn maze. It is located at 909 English Prairie Road, Spring Grove, northwest of Chicago, McHenry County, Illinois 60081, USA. ramp bobbing involves you entering a large 11-foot diameter bobber and then rolling down a specially constructed ramp. aqua zorbing is another activity offered at this park. The tumbler is filled with about 10 gallons of water and you can slide right in and have fun. This is very popular in the hot summer months. Dry rollerblades use balls that have no water inside them. Instead, these usually use straps and harnesses that allow the rider to "stick" to the internal sphere and are common in early spring, autumn and winter. The course has 3 paths, all of which take place on a 1000ft hill. Zipper, Zig-ZAg and Straight Away. you can choose to go it alone or join a group of no more than 3 people. In addition to rollerblading, Richardson Farm has a shaded picnic area, pedal tricycles, pumpkin picking, slides, goat walks and a corn barn hut, open from Friday to Sunday. For more information, you can visit their website.


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