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Withstand Voltage Test Of Insulating Shoes

Jan, 04, 2022

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As a kind of safety shoes, insulating shoes have a large market and must be worn in some working environments. However, we don't know much about the details of insulating shoes. In this article, Kameymall will introduce some tests of safety shoes and electrostatic shoes.
Insulated leather shoes and cloth electric insulated shoes with test voltage below 15kV can work in the working environment below 1000V, and insulated rubber shoes with test voltage above 15kV can work in the working environment above 1000V.

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How much weight can safety shoes bear?

Anti-smashing safety shoes need to withstand 10kN static pressure and 100 Joule impact force, and anti-smashing safety shoes with high protection grade need to withstand 15kn static pressure and 200 Joule impact force.

Can static shoes be washed?
It can be washed.
Antistatic shoes can be cleaned with warm water at about 40 degrees. When cleaning, they should be cleaned with neutral detergent and then brushed with a soft brush. Pay attention not to soak for a long time. After cleaning, they should be dried in a cool place.

How to wear safety shoes
You can use a hairdryer to blow the part of the grinding foot soft and wear it again. You can also use a newspaper to soak it and put it on the part of squeezing the foot, and then wrap it in a plastic bag for one night. You can also support the part of the grinding foot so that it will not grind the foot again.

How should electrostatic shoes stink feet do
You can spray alcohol or white vinegar on safety shoes to have a good deodorization effect. It can also be wrapped with tea, citrus peel, or desiccant and put into shoes. After standing for one night, it can also absorb the odor.
Safety shoes for women are very important. Women will be more vulnerable physically, so if you need them, please come to Kameymall to buy them!

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