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Versatile Shoes

Jan, 04, 2022

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Shoes, as a necessity of life, wear and match. His styles are diverse, common sports shoes, board shoes, leather shoes, and so on. So today, Kameymall will introduce some shoes with special uses and functions!

Movable roller shoes

Swiss manufacturers have installed two pairs of movable light and wear-resistant pulleys on sports shoes. When necessary, lift the lower leg and press the button to turn sports shoes into four-wheel roller skates. This kind of shoe is very popular in Europe.

Temperature regulating shoes

An American company has developed a kind of shoe that can adjust the temperature. This kind of shoe can be divided into two types. One is for the old, weak, sick, disabled, and pregnant, which can be adjusted to the required temperature; The other is for skaters. There is a heater inside, which can be adjusted to the best temperature of skating according to different temperatures.

High-speed shoes

Hungary and Russia have produced a kind of high-speed shoes with two small engines on the outside, which can drive a compressor on the heel. When walking in these shoes, the compressor sprays air onto the road, and the reaction force will push people forward. The forward speed can reach more than 20 kilometers, which is as fast as riding a bicycle and riding a horse.

Safety shoes
Shoes are generally worn in different workplaces to protect feet and legs from foreseeable injuries. Safety shoes mainly include toe protection, anti-smashing, insulating, anti-static shoes, insulating shoes, conductive shoes, steel-making shoes, rubber boots, cold proof shoes, etc.
Labor protection shoes have the basic characteristics of anti-smashing, anti-puncture, anti-static, oil resistance, anti-skid, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and so on.
Safety shoes for women and for men are important, if you need them, please register at Kameymall to buy one!

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