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What Makes Me And My Son So Happy?

Jul, 18, 2022

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My child is having his summer holidays and I am happy for him because he will not have to work as hard and strive during the summer holidays. He spends almost all of his time at school studying, which I am happy about but heartbroken about, so I hope I can bring him some more fun once the summer holidays arrive. It would be great if I could play games with him. But I didn't know of any outdoor games to play, as I rarely touch them either, and I don't know how to play King's Glory on my phone, nor do I find it interesting.

zorb ball
I came across bubble balls

Last week, I came across the picture above on the internet. As you can see, the individuals in question are each wearing a giant bubble ball that covers the top half of their bodies and are bumping into each other. I found out that they were each wearing a zorb ball or human hamster ball, and I had wanted to try a zorb ball before, but never got around to it. Now I have the chance. I'm sure my kid would love it too, after all, he's only just finished primary school and would love to bang into each other.

My child was particularly excited

I quickly got the bubble ball back and my child didn't know what it was at first because it was in its uninflated state. When I filled the bubble ball with air, he was amazed as it was almost taller than him. The bubble ball was 1.5 metres high and he was 1.6 metres tall. I told him that he could play with it as a bumper ball and he was very excited as I had expected.

We then went to the park near my house, found an open grassy area and started to experience the game of bumping into each other. It's really hard to imagine that in real life we rarely get the chance to bump into each other as it's too easy for us to get hurt. However, today the bubble ball helped us to realise this idea. Both my children and I had a great time.


I got the bubble balls from Kameymall, which offers a fast delivery service. If you also want to experience this game with your kids, now is the best time to place your order because it is on sale and you have the chance to get the bubble ball in the picture for $50 less than usual.


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