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Can You Make Your Tank Tops Stylish In Different Wearing Ways?

Apr, 18, 2022

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I care about what people think of me and I don't have a great body! No good face! Good-looking figure and good but do not wear most is: do not show can win a street. In fact, this is a serious mistake.

What kind of girl doesn't wear a tank top?

We have caught up with a good era to wear womens tank tops, with more options and voice, in the path of the United States can fully express themselves, so that they have more aspects, so we should put away our small conservative, brave to be yourself. Girls in tank tops deserve this summer. Every time I talk about my body shape, I use this picture to tell myself that there is nothing wrong with choosing the right style.

tank tops

Vest with wide shoulder straps

Best shape :Y shape, big X shape, Big H Shape Features: To some extent can reduce the shoulder width of the role of our most common style is the tank tank tank, there are many different materials designed for a variety of new styles. If you have a big chest or a big skeleton, go for a looser style. For a more artistic look, check out square collared cotton vests, a flat-chested girl's favorite.

Turtle neck vest

Best for body shape :X,Y, H, Flat chest Features: Large breasts, which can lift you up 1.5 cups visually. If you want a concave figure, this vest should be worth trying. (The busty girl is carefully chosen.) Especially short vests, show the waist. ,

Waistcoat with thin shoulder

Best for figure: small X shape, small H shape,A shape Features: easy to make the flat chest look empty cup, highlighting the collarbone lines and shoulders of the beautiful state Mei mei likes chiffon material thin strap, not only cool, elegant texture, even walk with A touch of fairy. If you're worried about the style being too revealing, opt for a square collar to avoid the low-cut look.


Suit figure most :X shape characteristic: super tight, acme close-fitting it should be the sexiest one in all vest design, can very good bundle whole meat, gentle and graceful figure, draw the outline of body curve perfectly. Change back heart of you, not afraid of the dog days of extra long standby slightly.

For higher quality women's vests, keep an eye out for Kameymall!

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