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Some Customer’s Questions About Zorb Ball

Jun, 14, 2022

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As people's living standards improve, entertainment items become more and more abundant. Today, zorb ball has become one of the entertainment items that people love. Some customers will have some questions about zorb balls before buying zorb balls, let's take a look.

Can you use these in winter? At what temperature?

Yes, absolutely - they can be used in winter time! In fact, rolling inside the zorb ball in the winter is one of the most fun ways to enjoy it, which is why there are plenty of photos of people playing with it in the snow. PVC or TPU material is durable and low degree temperature doesn't matter too much for them. According to manufacturer instructions, zorb balls can easily tolerate temperature as low as -25 Celsius. -30 degrees Celsius is also possible, but the recommendation is to stay in an area up to 25 degrees Celsius.

How do you inflate them?
The Zorb ball is inflated via the non-return valve located on one of the panels of the zorb ball. Inflation is fairly quick depending on the size of the zorb ball and the power of the blower used. Exactly this 2.5M zorb ball will only take about 36 minutes to fully inflate.

Can this be used on a beach?
Of course, it can be used on the beach, sand, grass and practically many different surfaces. But since it has open entries (can't be zipped as other balls), it can't be used on the water because water would flow inside the zorb ball. That's why our zorb balls are much safer than other balls you're locked in.

Is their a height and weight limit?
The maximum weight of person is about 200KG for 2.5M grass zorb ball. Inner diameter is 1.5M so a person height should also be around 1.5 meters. He/she may be a little bigger but for better comfort we recommend ordering 3M zorb ball.

What is the heaviest weight limit for using the zorb ball?
The maximum weight for a person is around 200 kg for a 2.5 m zorb ball.

Where can you buy a zorb ball?
Kameymall offers a wide variety of zorb balls, both price and quality can definitely meet your needs, welcome to buy.

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