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About Zorb Balls

Dec, 31, 2021

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What is a zorb ball?

You may have heard of the word “ zorb ball ” in recent years, what is it, exactly? In fact, when people strap themselves into a transparent ball, then ride down a hill, walk on water, or even play games with others on flatter ground. Do you want to learn more about it? Please continue reading our article.

giant inflatable hamster ball

The weight that the zorb ball can bear
If you’re above 100 kg then zorbing is not recommended to you. Weighing more than 100 kg can imbalance the ball. As a result, it can move in the wrong direction. Secondly, it can also cause sudden deflation and damage to the ball. You have to lose weight if you are above 100 kg.


How long can you stay in the zorb ball?
Zorb balls are filled with oxygen. But the level of Oxygen starts decreasing after 15 minutes. In return, you start feeling suffocated. It is harmful to you. If you are a patient with asthma, then zorbing is not for you.


The middle layer of the aqua zorb ball is filled with water
The aqua zorb balls are designed to be used on water. In the middle Layer of these balls, you will find the water. You should change it from time to time. Because it is not good to keep the same water in it for a lifetime.

Quality zorb ball is your best option
Once you’ve chosen your favorite zorb ball, then you can place an order on our website. Browse through our fabulous mall - Kameymall, which is a cross-border e-commerce website that provides a number of kinds of these balls, and the price is usually between 300 and 800 $. We hope you will have a nice shopping experience here.

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