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An Endless Battle

Dec, 25, 2021

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Different women have different feelings about the types of bras. But most of the time, most of us will stand at two extremes and fight each other. It seems that underwire bras and wireless bras cannot coexist in the same closet as most women in real life. But can we end this battle one day?


Is a wired bra or wireless bra better

This issue has been debated for a long time, and many women are still arguing about it. We have met many women who hate wired bras. They said that bras sewn into wire are just irritating and uncomfortable. On the other hand, wired enthusiasts say that the underwire bra's breast lift, shape, and support are unparalleled. We cannot say which one is more correct, but we simply cannot agree that all wireless bras do not have good support, nor can we accept the equating sign between wired bras and discomfort. To be fair, we all know that this is actually a matter of personal preference. However, before deciding what to choose, you should know what you want.

Traditional sexy bikini is sewn into wire under the cup to provide stability and support for your chest. However, most wired haters say that wired bras are just uncomfortable. Yes, but only if you have the wrong size or fit. Here is a small tip: Whenever you choose a wired bra, please pay attention to those bras that have a line curvature and length that comfortably fit your body, because this means that this type is more suitable for your body and breast shape. Make sure that the wires are not poking your breasts, the bra is not riding up, the cup is not widened, etc. If you can find your perfect fit, you won't feel discomfort. A wired bra can provide the "best shaping effect" and "support" for your breasts, giving the appearance that most women would like.

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Can't have it both ways?
Have you ever thought about the question, "Someone can make a damn good wireless bra that provides huge lift, shape, and support for women, and even plumper women"? We are glad we have an answer. Our "wireless shaping bra" is different from other wireless bras, you can customize it in Kameymall. Without the constraint of a rigid wiring harness, our wireless shaping bra is more "comfortable" and "easy to fit", and the "shaping effect" and "support" on the bust can be as good as the beautifying wired bra.

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