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A General Practical Rule About Zorbing

Jun, 22, 2022

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The client strives to keep himself in the airbag and move towards the final goal at the desired speed. The client is not allowed to get other people while moving forward. Clients should not wear clothing with zips. Their pockets should also be empty for the duration of the event.

What should users pay attention to

Users are not allowed to get help from others while moving forward.
Users should not wear clothes with zips from zorb ball. Their pockets should moreover be empty during the event.
In addition, clients are not allowed to wear any pearls during the event.
The thickness of the zorb ball plastic should be around 0.8 mm.
The circles should be linked to different small nylon ropes, like several paths at an entrance.

Follow the rules and orders
Players are obliged to follow the rules and orders of the activity organizer and the workforce providing Body zorbing assistance.
It is the obligation of the individual to clean all items out of their pockets before the game.
During the game, the individual should wear the attached seat tie. Individuals should place their hands on the shoulder straps or back handles to protect themselves from leaving the airbag.

Bubble with others
During play, never bump into other gamers as they struggle to stand up.
Never bump into someone who is not wearing a body zorb bubble.
Never use sharp objects, open flames or any different objects that could damage the airbag to advance towards it.
You can use a blister ball for vaping on a lake or in the sea to finally invigorate your fantasy of walking in the water. You can also pour a large amount of water into a blister ball. Sense how long you are prepared to stand up and stroll around with a slide.

Airbag Water Ball
Especially for the more active youngsters, you should look at the ground zorb ball that never gets wrapped up. Now known as 'screen suckers', these inflatable balls from Kameymall allow youngsters' legs to stroll across the ground in a standard way. In any case, make an effort to get them to bump into each other or tumble down safely.

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