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World’s Various Interesting Bikini Swimsuits Appreciation

Apr, 28, 2022

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Have you ever imaged that some day you will be extremely sexy in a special bikini? Well actually, there are many rare types of bikini swimsuits which are interesting and expensive. As a additional knowledge to know about, please follow our article to find out them.


Obese Woman bikini
World’s Special Bikini Suits

World's most expensive bikini swimsuits: Would you pay $300,000 for a bikini? It sounds crazy, but it's true. This sparkly bikini was created by Susan Rosen using Steinmetz diamonds. The world's most expensive bikini is made entirely of diamonds without a single piece of cloth. These diamonds weigh more than 150 carats.

Pac-man bikini: This is the perfect game gift for your girlfriend. The pac-Man swimsuit's most popular design is probably the ghost hidden at the bottom of the hem.

LED swimsuit: It's the best swimsuit yet and the most eye-catching LED product. People can use it to judge directions, and it would be nice if it were waterproof. Imagine a little light at a party at night. It's wonderful. The technology has also given rise to a new term, 'Camel Glow.' That may be a bit of a misdescription, as the technology does not contain any nudity.


Other Interesting Ones
Bikini with mesh cut: This pink and white bikini with a round top by Alessandra Vicedomini makes you look like an exotic dancer in Paris. The bikinis were initially designed in Italy, then hand-crafted in India before being brought back to Italy for final completion. It costs $625, which is not a steep price to pay for such a luxurious and sexy bikini.

Burkini: Ahidda designed this bikini to make their lives more vibrant while respecting the Islamic faith. At the very least, this design saves these lovely women money on sunscreen.
Bikini with BUILT-IN UV rays: Maybe it's time to think about how to spend a hot summer vacation, especially if you want to go to the beach. This bathing suit with a built-in UV meter is for you. This watch has a battery life of up to two years and is waterproof! It costs $170.

Solar Bikini: This tiny bikini uses only a USB to provide solar energy. So you can listen to your iPod and drink your frozen drinks while you're at the beach.


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