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Recommend Zorbing To Lovers

Jun, 18, 2022

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Some people used to tease that there were multiple Valentine's Days and that guys were disliked by their girlfriends every time. This is really true. So many girls don't know how to celebrate this holiday and how to spend fun time with their girlfriends. Today, if you continue reading this article, your problem can be partially solved.

Today, I am going to suggest one of the most popular games in London, zorbing, which has two ways to play and you need to prepare two zorb balls. let's have a look at both games.

zorb ball
Zorbing on the water

The first way to experience the zorb ball is to get out on the water. This zorb ball is also known as the water walking ball. With it, you can walk and run freely on water, even if you can't swim, because the PVC material is completely waterproof. You can even race your girlfriend on the water, but I warn you, you may be faster in real life, but you won't necessarily be a winner on the water, because it's hard to navigate the water walking ball on the water. Also, you can bump into each other. I'm sure you've never hit each other in your life, after all it's too easy to get hurt. So, if you want to experience a water walking ball, I think a huge swimming pool is a good choice, safe and spacious.

Zorbing on the slope

Have you ever dreamed of rolling down a slope. If you have had such a dream, you might have woken up from it. But the zorb ball does give you that experience. The most traditional three-metre high zorb ball can accommodate two people, such as you and your girlfriend, who are secured together inside the ball and tumble down the slope with the zorb ball. The entire length of the ramp can vary from just over 100 metres in some places to 700 metres in some amusement parks. You'll probably be screaming and feeling a huge sense of weightlessness throughout the tumble. Of course, when it comes to the location of the game. You can also choose a grassy or snowy area with a certain slope, and you don't have to go to an amusement park. This game can achieve the same effect as watching a horror movie, i.e. you stay with your girlfriend while she feels scared.

Why we recommend these two games

Firstly, both games are very fresh and both can be played by both you and your girlfriend. Secondly, whether it's running on water, crashing, or rolling down a slope, it's a very exciting and refreshing experience that will give you both a bit of a pleasant memory together. So, I think that if you want to experience this game soon, maybe Kameymall is a shop you need to come and check out.

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