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Have A Trip With Zorb Ball

May, 04, 2022

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I see parks like this all over the world today. As I am from the USA, I decided to take a trip to Roundtop Zorbing Parc.

Arrived at the destination with zorb ball

When I arrived at my destination I was given the opportunity to do various activities. I decided to go rollerblading with zorb ball, which meant that one of the guys in the park filled a bucket of water in the inner ball of the roller blade. I then grabbed my swimming costume and jumped into the ball as they gently pushed me down the hill. As the giant hamster ball started to accelerate, I began to tumble inside the ball. Water splashed everywhere and through the transparent ball I could see the sky and the end of my journey.

The ball slowly came to a stop and I was soaked to the bone. But you know what, it was super fun. They say it's an extreme sport, but it's actually a really enjoyable and fun outdoor activity for me. Maybe the other type of Zorbing is more extreme: the kind where you're strapped into the inner ball of the zorb. Because when you're strapped in you're glued to the inner ball, and when you go Zorbing like that I think rolling with the spin of the ball can be a very extreme feeling.

So buying the a flexible zorb ball is the better choice. People would like to have the charming image, dreaming of playing in the mystery zorb ball is so romantic.

Plastic Inflatable Ball
I didn't try that one, but I did really enjoy the pulley with the water. I think I will go roller skating again next summer. Here are some photos of the skate wheel so you can get an idea of what it looks like from Kameymall.

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