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Why Not Challenge Yourself With A Rolling Hill Zorbing?

Oct, 29, 2022

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Have you ever tried the zorbing? You won’t get its real essence until you play it. Zorbing is a kind of extreme sport that combines fun and challenge. Before rolling the hill, you need to enter a large and transparent zorbing ball. Like the movie "Project Eagle" shows, Jackie Chan entered a large and inflatable ball and rolled down the hill, this action actor showed audiences an amazing zorbing experience. If you are looking for something challenging, zorbing is worth having a try.

human zorb ball

How is a zorbing?

Zorbing is made of 0.8mm PVC, it is a transparent and inflatable ball. Thus, this ball is waterproof, cold-resistant, wear-resistant and UV-resistant, people can play it outdoors all year round. And it consists of an outer ball and an inner ball, this design can absorb impact and keep people safe when it is rolling. Zorbing is 2.5m meters high, two individuals can enter it at the same time, thus, why not ask your family or friends to participate in zorbing activities together?

Play zorbing as the actor does
As Jackie Chan showed in the movie, he entered this ball and rolled down the hill at a fast pace. After wearing a zorbing, it is time for you to enjoy an exciting experience. the During the short period of time of rolling from the hill top to the hillside, with the influence of the centrifugal force, you will not rotate for 360 degree. During the dozens of seconds, your heart beat will speed up and can’t help screaming out.

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If you want to get an exciting zorbing challenging, why not invest in a zorbing and enjoy it with your friends?

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