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Enjoy The Zorb Ball Team Tumbling Game At Parties

Apr, 24, 2022

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When is your birthday? Do you throw birthday parties? As we get older, many people stop throwing birthday parties, probably because after committing to work, we don't always have the time off to throw birthday parties when we celebrate our birthdays. However, many people still celebrate birthdays with their families. In fact, I think birthday parties are necessary to foster a more harmonious relationship between family members and also to be a great memory for us.

So, what is there to do at a birthday party? Today, I would like to suggest a party game, the zorb ball. This is a sphere made up of a double layer of clear plastic balls, with air filling the space between the two layers to protect the participants. The zorb balls vary in size for different purposes and we are mainly recommending the zorb ball for games that can be worn on the body, as the game is more suitable for parties. Today, I am introducing you to one of the zorb ball related games.

Human Sized Plastic Bubble

The zorb ball team tumbling game


When you hear the name, do you think that in this game kind of you need to wear a bubble ball and run to the finish line? Actually, no. Before playing this game, we need to determine the start and finish line and then divide all the participants into groups. From each group, two players are selected to play as a team. One player drills into the bubble zorb ball, another player pushes this zorb ball and rolls it to the finish line, then another player drills into the bubble ball and is rolled back to the start line. The cycle repeats until all members of the team are involved. The first team to finish is the winner.

Usually there are not too many members at a family birthday party and this game is exciting and time saving and does not require a lot of space. I'm sure you'll be thrilled if you take part in this game.



If you want to experience this game at your party, then you will need to prepare the zorb ball. You can buy these fresh zorb balls at Kameymall.

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