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Do Not Swim In Human Hair Wigs

Apr, 27, 2022

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Can I wear a wig while swimming or not? Some people like swimming so much that they go swimming almost every two days. However, if he wears a wig out every day, so much so that she swims with a wig on every time she swims. Then, the question arises whether it is possible to go swimming with a wig on.

The first reaction of many people is of course you can swim in a wig! If you buy a human hair wig, that is, a wig made of 100% real human hair, it is no different from your own hair. In fact, this perception is one-sided. Wearing human hair wigs to the swimming pool is not a good idea. Let's take a look at the reasons.

Why human hair wigs are not advisable when swimming

Everyday we go swimming is of course to swim in the pool, but the pool are required to wear a swimming cap before you can get into the water. We usually wear a wig is to use the hair net to wrap up the whole hair before you can wear it. If you wear a wig and then put on a swimming cap, your scalp will be wrapped in many layers, which is too much trouble.

Also, the water in swimming pools is heavily disinfected, and this disinfected water can affect the quality of the hair. If it's your own hair, it doesn't matter, after all, you have the nutrients to grow it back, but the hair quality of a wig is irreversible when it's affected. If you wear a human hair wig for swimming, it may cause your hair to fall out more often and your wig will have a very short life.

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