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The Importance Of Wearing Safety Shoes

Jan, 11, 2023

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Safety is always paramount when it comes to any occupation. Workers of different professions and organizations are required to follow specific safety measures such as gloves, working safety shoes and hard hats to protect them from injury.

One of the protective devices that should not be underestimated are safety shoes. A good, comfortable pair of safety shoes can make working in harsh environments easier and safer for the wearer.


What are safety shoes

Safety shoes, also known as “work shoes”, are footwear which can protect the foot from falling objects, hurting, compression, or punctures. In addition, safety shoes for women have a steel-toe and are often combined with a sole plate. Safety shoes will help to protect your feet from any severe injuries.

The role of safety shoes

It is important to have safety shoes. Many jobs usually require light or heavy lifting of heavy things and machinery. Employees working in warehouses or factories must take necessary measures to ensure their own safety while working.

Over the years, composite safety toe shoes have evolved into highly specialized shoes for many jobs where they are needed to protect more than just the worker's toes.

Safety shoes with metatarsal guards protect the metatarsal bones of workers' feet, safety shoes with electric shock protection protect workers from electric shock, anti-static safety shoes reduce the build up of static electricity in workers, reduce static electricity transfer in explosive environments, prevent shoe penetration, are heat resistant, and are slip resistant to reduce the risk of slipping.

Why safety shoes provide better foot protection

According to OSHA Standard 1910.132(d)(1), employers must evaluate the workplace to determine if the hazard requires personal protective equipment. Protective footwear must be used when employees are exposed to electrical hazards from falls or overturns, objects that puncture the soles of shoes, or when employees' feet are exposed to electrical hazards.

ASTMF2413 meets the following footwear performance requirements: steel-toed shoes do not need to resist impact and compression, but a protective toe must be a permanent part of the safety shoe or boot to protect the foot from falling objects or heavy rolling objects.

Metatarsal protection reduces the chance of injury to the top of the foot. Suitable footwear should be designed to cover the toes as well as the metatarsal area between the ankle and toes. Electric shock capability: 18,000 volts for one minute of dry use with no current or leakage over 3mA, protecting the wearer from electric shock.

high quality safety boots
The structure of safety shoes


If it is a high temperature resistant shoe, then the sole must be made of high temperature resistant material. Above the first layer of the sole is the second layer of the sole, also known as the midsole, which serves to reduce the pressure on the foot and is suitable for long hours of wear and improves comfort. On top of the second layer of the sole is designed to be a dry midsole cloth, or in the case of puncture-resistant labor shoes, a steel midsole (steel plate) is placed between the midsole and the dry midsole cloth.


Above that is the insole. Even the small structure of the insole, different safety shoe manufacturers may design different programs to achieve comfort, breathability, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, shock absorption, etc. The outside structure that is the upper surface of the shoe, choose different materials labor safety shoes price difference is also large, such as cowhide, pigskin, leather, etc.


Now most of the labor insurance shoes manufacturers choose cowhide to do the upper. But cowhide also has certain differences, such as cowhide is buffalo skin or yak skin, domestic cowhide or imported cowhide, first-class leather or two-layer leather, etc.. The lining is the back of the upper. Some manufacturers are also called lining, common are Canberra lining, non-woven lining, anticorrosive cloth lining, etc., the purpose is also to improve the wearing comfort.


The heel part of the shoe is usually made of soft foam or sponge or has a comfortable liner to protect the Achilles tendon, mainly to prevent injuries to the heel. Some safety toe work shoes may come with reflective strips for nighttime reflection and other humane designs. In addition, the usual labor safety shoes are lace-up type with cotton laces and quick buckles. The eyelets are distinguished by brass, aluminum, iron, etc.

Different safety shoes have different functions

Anti-slip shoes

Anti-slip safety shoes can increase the friction between the sole and the ground, thus playing the role of anti-slip. The safety level of anti-slip shoes is divided into three levels, SRA, SRB and SRC, of which SRC is the highest level of the EU safety shoes sole anti-slip standard, through SRC anti-slip safety shoes can be applied to almost all daily work environment with anti-slip requirements.

Insulated shoes

Insulated shoes are safety shoes made of insulating materials that allow current to flow in a certain way, preventing current from passing through the body and causing electric shock injuries to the human body.

Smash-proof shoes

Anti-smash safety shoes are a type of work shoe that is used to prevent foreign objects from being pressed against the feet during work. The protection level of anti-smashing best working safety shoes is divided into An1-5, among which An1 anti-smashing shoes have the best performance and are suitable for wearing in metallurgy, mining and other workplaces.

Anti-puncture shoes

Anti-puncture shoes are a kind of protective shoes placed on the top of the sole for underfoot protection to prevent employees' soles from being hurt by various sharp and hard objects, mainly suitable for mining, machinery, construction, metallurgy, logging and transportation industries.

Anti-static shoes

Anti-static shoes can direct the static electricity of the human body to the earth, thus eliminating the static electricity of the human body, and can also effectively inhibit the dust generated by the personnel walking in the clean room. They are mainly used for wearing in the production workshops and advanced test rooms of electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment, etc.

breathable safety shoes
Choose a pair of safety shoes that suits you

Measuring the length of the foot

Safety shoes are different from the general size of casual shoes, in choosing the fine measurement of the size of your feet, you can use the following two methods to measure: physical measurement method: measurement must take the correct posture: stand with your legs parallel (do not sit or squat); the weight of your feet is evenly distributed.

Then measure by placing both feet flat on a piece of white paper and stepping hard on the ground, pointing out the widest and widest points on the left and right with a pen, and then pointing out the longest points on the front and back with the two points on the front and back.

Finally, the front and back 2 points and the left and right 2 points are added together for the correct foot length and width. (Note: both feet should be measured and take the maximum value) Calculation formula method: Safety shoe size calculation formula: (shoe size + 10) X 0.5 = (theoretically longer) cm. For example, 42 size shoes: (42 + 10) X 0 5 = 26cm.

Choose a normal size

Safety shoes should have a margin at the front tip, especially smash-proof safety shoes, because the front tip has a hard steel head, when wearing them, pay attention to the toes to have enough margin. If you stand for a long time, your toes should have room to move, otherwise, your toes will be squeezed for a long time, which will cause a lot of damage to your feet over time!

There are many people who believe that the same size casual safety shoes are larger than the normal shoes they usually wear, which is not true. Safety shoes are made in accordance with national requirements, and in fact, we usually wear how big shoes and buy how big safety shoes.

Try them on

Safety shoes come in different varieties, and their fat and thin requirements are also different. The fatness of the foot is indicated by the width of the foot and the metatarsal toe circumference.

The fatness of the shoe depends on the size of the internal space of the shoe cavity, which depends on the metatarsal toe circumference of the last and the width of the last, usually determined by the manufacturer. Consumers can only choose based on trial results.

Other things to keep in mind

The heel and heel of safety shoes are not tight or loose and match perfectly. The upper of safety shoes should not squeeze the back of the foot. The lumbar fossa and arch of the safety shoe overlap and the lumbar help must support the foot.

buy excellent safety shoes

Buying Safety Shoes at Kameymall

To be honest, it is not difficult to buy quality safety shoes online. If you are looking for a high quality and comfortable pair of safety shoes for yourself, I suggest you buy them from Kameymall.

It is a large online shopping mall. Not only can it provide you with more affordable and better quality products, but it also offers excellent customer service. I am sure you will get most comfortable safety shoes, get very good service and love shopping there.

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