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inflatable zorb ball for outdoor activities

Have You Ever Played The Exciting Zorb Ball?

Jan, 11, 2023

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Are you looking for an interesting way to pass your entertainment time? If yes, you come to the right place. There is a wonderful game that will definitely make your entertainment time unique. It is inflatable zorb ball for sale, which is one of the most interesting games on the planet. Playing zorb ball is a good way to build up human bodies, make new friends and pass the free time.

By bouncing around the field, crashing into opponents, and smoothing the ground, you'll soon fall in love with our inflatable cushion ball. There are many ways to play bubble soccer. Perfect for family party games, birthday parties, corporate or school events, and more. If you want to know more about zorb ball, please go on reading our article.

inflatable zorb ball

Where did the zorb ball come from?

Zorb ball first became popular in New Zealand, and then it became easier to import and export between countries because of the strengthening of trade. So it was gradually introduced to other countries. Moreover, the e-commerce platform developed rapidly which contributed to the development of zorb ball.

With the rapid developing online shopping, us are allowed to easily purchase various advanced and interesting products as long as you have a phone or computer. Why not try to purchase one zorb ball for yourself or family members? If you are planning to have a family gathering, why not considering adding cheap zorb ball into your activities list?

So, what is the zorb ball?

Zorb ball is a large and inflatable PVC ball, generally speaking, its diameter is about 1.5 meters. It gives enough cushion to people to avoid injuries when they fall. There are handles and seat belt protection inside, these accessories are used for making sure the security. In addition, the product is eco-friendly and non-toxic, thus, it suits for both kids and adults.

Easy inflation/deflation - You can inflate/deflate the zorb ball in minutes with an electric pump or air pump (pump not included). Deflates in just minutes and can also be rolled into small pieces for easy carrying and storage. Make sure to keep it away from sharp objects. The bubble soccer ball has excellent abrasion resistance, tear resistance, better sealing, and ductility.

How to play the zorb ball?

There are various interesting games of zorb ball, some creative games you should know. Today, we are going to introduce some of them to you.

(1)Bump into others
With such a zorb ball for sale cheap, people can start a series of activities simply such as bumping into others on the grass. It is very suitable for both adults and kids to participate in. Come to the grassland and put a zorbing ball on the upper body, people can bump into their friends. There are no specific rules about zorbing ball, what you ought to do is trying your best to hit someone to the ground.

(2)Zorb bump monkey, which is also called bubble bump monkey
Bubble bump monkey is just a common group game. And the game rules are very easy, once you have appointed your “ Bubble Bump Monkey,” they will position themselves in the middle of the field.

All other players are split into two teams. One team on one side of the field and one on the other. They will all line up diagonally across the field. As the whistle blows, all players will do their best to run across the field and not be “bumped” down. The only person who is doing the bumping is the “Bumping Monkey In The Middle.” The game continues until one man is standing.

(3)Zorb soccer
Zorb soccer is also very popular. This game allows each person to put on a zorb ball and fight for the soccer by all means and shoot it into the other team's goal. Like the common soccer games, the more balls you score into the opponent's goal, the higher your score. However, the finally purpose of playing zorb ball for sale cheap is enjoy yourself instead of defeating others.

What should you pay attention to if when you want to play zorb ball

(1)Pick the right venue
The choice of venue for playing zorb ball is very important. Be sure to choose one with a flat surface. If you choose a field with a lot of small gravel on the surface, they may poke your zorb ball. This could cause injury to your body when you play zorb ball.

(2)Remove items from your body
Before playing zorb ball, you should remove all items from your body, including watches, keys, cell phones, earrings, etc. Because of some sharp things such as keys or earrings may pierce the zorb ball. Also, when playing zorb ball, the items on your body may fall off, so you should remove all the things on your body.

Hill zorbing and water zorbing are also very interesting

There is another kind of zorb ball, it is called hill zorbing. In general, the hill zorbing is about 2.5 meters high. You can get into this large ball and have an exciting experience. Buy zorb ball online now.

When you arrive at the zorbing track, enter the zorbing ball and roll down the track, during the dozens of seconds, your adrenaline will go up and your heart will speed up. As it shown in the film, an action actor jumped into this ball and rolled down the hill, what an exciting experience!

Although hill zorbing is very exciting, you need not to worry about its security. The structure of zorbing is designed to keep safe! These balls are designed to minimize the impact of bumps while riding. Unlike a hard plastic human hamster ball, zorb balls are built as a ball inside of another ball with a layer of air between them. This layer of air works as a shock absorber.

In addition, as soon as you plug the entrance with a donut, it will become airtight, then you can take it to the beach and enjoy walking on water with this amazing zorbing, and at the same time, you don't have to worry about getting wet. During the process of rolling, people will so excited that can’t helping screaming out.

When people are “walking” inside a ball, perhaps they are striving to stand, the indisputable fact is that it is difficult for them to stand in such a ball.

How to care for your zorb ball?

In general, a zorb ball can be used for 4-6 years if you, if the user uses the correct method of installation use and maintenance, the life span of zorb ball will be extended. Particular attention should be paid to the cleaning and maintenance of the zorb ball, otherwise once the temperature is high, it will easily breed bacteria and may even rot.

(1)Steps for washing your zorb ball
Step 1

Before deflating the zorb ball which is also known as a human hamster ball, you use a dry towel to clean its surface. Dry it and then deflate it, fold it and place it in a cool, clean place for safekeeping.

Step 2

If the zorb ball is accidentally filled with water and cannot be drained, you should place it in a dry and ventilated place and leave it to dry until the water dries out.

Step 3

The inflatable pump should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture. Zorb balls are moisture-proof but if stored for a long time you should check regularly for moisture, they should be placed in a ventilated place and wiped clean.

(2)How to repair the zorb ball if is it leaking?
1.The first step in the repair of inflatable zorb ball (also know as human hamster ball) is to find out where the leak. First you need to check the air valve. Inflate the product with air fully, make the air valve up, and then pour a little water into the air valve to see if it bubbles.

2.If there is bubbling, it is because the air valve is not properly fixed, so the air leaks. Just unscrew the air valve and then screw it back on again (be careful not to twist it crookedly). Follow these steps.

Why do you choose a zorb ball from Kameymall?

Whether you are going to have a party, race, or gathering, please add these zorb activities into your activities list. Why not come to Kameymall and pick a zorb ball?

It is very easy for you to buy a zorb ball online as long as you come to the right place. There are multiple zorb balls for sale. Our products are diverse means they come in many sizes and variety of colors. You can also customize a zorb ball. Pick a zorb ball and enjoy this exciting shopping experience here.


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