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Home news Product What Should You Know About The Zorb Ball?
zorb balls will make us fun

What Should You Know About The Zorb Ball?

Jan, 12, 2023

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The zorb ball has become very popular in recent years. Both adults and children like to play. If you are interested in zorb ball, then please read this article carefully. It will introduce you some information about zorb ball.

clear zorb ball
What is the zorb ball

The zorb ball, made of PVC, it's a giant plastic bubble with a huge internal space. A tunnel-shaped hole allows access to the zorb ball, which is stabilized by the user holding onto the zorb ball's two handles.

These inflatable balls can be used on different terrains, not just at sea. For example, some people use them on amateur soccer fields, where they have a chance to move at will. As a result, they are versatile and can be used for a variety of different places.

What are the benefits of the zorb ball

Lots of fun to play with

You can play a variety of games with the zorb ball. For example, you can play zorb football, zorb sumo, zorb bowling, zorbing and many more. These are all new and very interesting games. As these games are new and easy to play, you can have a lot of fun with them and your child will enjoy them too.


As zorb balls are made of PVC or TPU and they are inflatable, they are very light and easy to store and do not take up much space.

Helps you bond with your child

During zorb ball play, you and your child cooperate with each other and have fun during the game. This will foster a bond between you and your child.

Improves physical fitness

As playing with the zorb ball requires you to run around, this helps you to overcome your usual inactivity to a certain extent and you and your child can build up your fitness while playing with zorb ball together.

How to operate the zorb ball properly

Operating place

You should remember that inflatable products should always be operated by a person who has great competence. The place operating should always be kept clean and free from debris or gravel.

In addition, the operator must remove all loose items on the hands, such as watches, rings and so on. Once the user operate a zorb ball, they must pay attention to some things which may puncture the zorb ball.


You ought to be always careful and mindful of the fact that you are unpacking and opening an inflatable item now. As a result, you should use the appropriate tools in case of damaging the zorb ball. You should not drag or pull the zorb ball in to position because you will run the risk of friction burns.

In addition, you had better always seek assistant to help you open a zorb ball. And it is good to fully unfold or roll the zorb ball prior to inflation.


The zorb ball is inflated via the none return valve situated on one of the panels of the zorb ball. Inflation comes pretty quick depending on size of a zorb ball and the power of the blower which is used. Once the required pressure is reached for your model zorb, you can simply screw in the valve. Now it is ready to a zorb ball!

How to take care of the zorb ball correctly


This will vary depending on the different products. It is importance to have a competent or experienced person to operate a zorb ball. You can’t drag your zorb ball along the floor. Besides, you must remove risk items from users or operators like earrings and watches and so on.


How you maintain your zorbing ball will depend on various products but the main and the most importance of maintenance would be keeping cleanliness and hygiene. You should always wash your zorb ball after using it or once a week at least if it is not in operation. You can use detergents If you wish it.

And you had better test an area before cleaning for any reactions. Warm soapy water will suffice, which is normally the best option. Besides, you should remember that your zorb ball should be fully dry before stowed.

Storage or stowage

Firstly, you should often store your zorb ball in a cool and a dry environment, and store it at room temperature. Also you should store it off ground level and shouldn’t store in wet or cold environments. For instance, it is not wise to store it outside.

Secondly, you should try your best to cover your zorb ball while stowed. Thirdly, you should not store zorb balls for prolonged periods of time and certainly no longer than 3-4 weeks. Fourthly, you had better put your zorb ball in to inflate every 7 day. Finally, you ought not stack zorb balls on top of one another in order to minimize risk in punctures.

huge zorbing ball
What activities can you do with the zorb ball

Hill zorbing

If you like the thrill of rolling downhill, zorbing is the excellent attraction for you. Down a steep slope into the pool, and you're trapped in a zorbing ball with a mind of your own. When you experience an adrenaline rush, it both beats and challenges your mettle.

Water zorbing

Do you also want to walk on the water? You can ride a water zorb ball to roll over there. When you use your strength and balance to cross your way, get you to the other end of the water. Remember, balance will play a big role in determining whether you see the horizon or are too busy rolling over on your back.

Land zorbing

When you've had the bumpiest ride you could possibly hope for, jump down the hill on your own or with a significant other. This kind of turbulence isn't for everyone, and you'll need nerves of steel and a very large heart to survive a few seconds as this zorb ball rolls down the excited slope.

Roller zorbing

You will never rely so much on your partner to help you with this activity. Step, fall, and push, but move forward, or you'll get stuck in the middle of the stream, except for your subtlety. Teamwork, strength and fitness activities will play an absolutely crucial role for you.

Zorb soccer

Experience this wonderful game with a giant zorb ball. A zorb soccer is nothing more than an inflatable bubble soccer ball, where you are put in a bubble and opponents will happily knock you down when you try to score a goal. Your spontaneity, teamwork, decision-making and, of course, your balance will be put to the ultimate test as you walk or kick a soccer ball across the field.

interesting zorb game
How to repair your zorb ball

1.Find out where is the leak. First you need to check the air valve. Inflate the product with air fully, make the air valve up, and then pour a little water into the air valve to see if it bubbles. If there is bubbling, it is because the air valve is not properly fixed, so the air leaks. Just unscrew the air valve and then screw it back on again (be careful not to twist it crookedly).

2.If the air valve there is no air leakage, may be zorb ball is broken and have a small hole. The general volume of the product is relatively large after inflation, it is not possible to soak the product in water to check. So, at this time, you should first inflate the product with air (try to fill a little, if it can not enough swell, you can let another person to press the zorb ball with hand). Then test in order.

According to past experience, the bottom is higher chance of being punctured by sharp objects, you can test from the bottom first, then the side, and then to the surface to test. Gently move your hand about 1cm from the surface of the zorb ball, if you move your hand to the place of the break, your hand will obviously feel the air sprayed out. Then remember the place of air leakage (you can use a pen to make a small mark).

3.After finding the place of air leakage, then the next step is to repair, repair is a relatively simple thing. First, you should deflate the zorb ball, and then you should use the repair glue, use 1 to 2 drops of glue in the breach. You need to wait for 2 hours, the glue is naturally dry.

If the hole of zorb ball is relatively large, use the matching patch to cut a small piece out (just enough to cover the hole), apply the glue on top of the cut patch, and then clean the dust of the hole. Finally, put the patch on the hole to cover the it. After the glue dries naturally, it is ready.

4. After the glue dries, you can inflate the zorb ball and then use it. If you still find air leakage in your zorb ball in addition to the breach you have repaired, there should be other breaches, and then deflate the zorb ball to re-check and repair it according to the above steps you have learned!

If, after reading this article, you are interested in cheap zorb ball, then why not go to Kameymall to have a look? It offers a wide range of high quality zorb ball. And I think you will choose the high quality and affordable zorb ball here. Welcome to Kameymall.

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