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Air Track Mat For My Daughter To Dance (Part 2)

Jun, 22, 2022

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In my last post, I just mentioned that my children are planning to learn dance and I am very happy about it. Firstly, learning to dance can make children significantly more physically fit. Secondly, learning dance gives children a great temperament and a good body shape. Also, having a talent is an asset to people. Imagine how attractive girls who can dance are at university. Finally, learning to dance will give my child the ability to be aesthetically pleasing and the skill to find beauty.

In my last post, I mentioned that I had chosen an air tumble track mat for my child, and here's the thing, because my child spends most of her time studying and rarely has long periods of time to go to a dance studio. So she decided to take some time at home and follow the online classes.

air track amt
What is the air track?

The air track is actually an inflatable gymnastic mat. Before you can use it, you need to inflate the air track mat with an inflatable pump so that it can puff up. You will see that the front of the mat is white, with a border of colours that we can choose ourselves. The whole mat just looks so youthful.

Why air tracks at home

First of all, the space at home is naturally not as wide as a gym, so if you choose a traditional gymnastics mat you will need to make a special place for laying the mat. Even if you wanted to put it away, it wouldn't be easy to do so - traditional mats take up too much space. If you choose the air track mat, you will find that once you have drained the air out of it, it can be folded into a small piece and placed in a cupboard, under a bed or on top of a wardrobe.

Secondly, the air track mat was originally used for cartwheels, so it is very soft and flexible, making it ideal as a dance training aid. You can even vary the amount of inflation to determine whether the mat is softer or firmer depending on your needs.


However, these mats are usually long and for my daughter's dance practice she may need a square air track mat, which is where I feel very much at home with the Kameymall, which allows me to customise it to suit my needs.

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