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Some Ways To Decompression (Chapter 1)

Dec, 25, 2021

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Living in modern society, many people are in a fast-paced state of life. Many people say that they are often overwhelmed by life, which is what we call great pressure. In this society, there are many people who work hard for life, dream, and family. They will inevitably make themselves busy on the road of struggle, so they feel that there are many problems in life. These problems give themselves a lot of pressure, but these problems are not terrible. The terrible thing is that you don't know how to relieve the pressure. Today Kameymall will bring you 8 decompression methods!

Music therapy

Music has the function of stabilizing emotions and soothing the soul. If you want to vent, listen to crazy and passionate rock and roll; If you want to clear up your emotions, listen to soothing classical music. In fact, there is a special music decompression hall in Japan. Because the pace of life in Japan is relatively faster, there is a relaxation place such as a music decompression hall.

Aroma treatment
Aromatherapy is very popular in Japan. Aroma has the magical effect of easing people's tension, and many beauty salons have launched this service. If there are no conditions, raise some potted flowers, put them on the balcony, smell the fragrance of the flowers in the morning, and do stretching exercises by the way, which is a good start for this day.

Video therapy
Watching a movie is also a good treatment. It's either a tragedy or a comedy. If you are scolded by your boss and have a stomach of grievances, there is no place to vent. Choose a tragedy film and cry loudly with the plot. Or you can choose a comedy. Maybe the pressure will be gone when you laugh.

Zorb ball
Zorb ball is a new decompression game that lets you sweat and release pressure. At the same time, express your feelings in the communication with friends.

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