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Some Ways To Decompression (Chapter 2)

Dec, 25, 2021

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The above describes four decompression methods, such as music, fragrance, film and television, and zorb ball. This article will continue to introduce four methods.

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Bath evaporation

Heat can relax tense muscles. Some experts believe that hot steam will promote the release of stress-producing chemicals in the body, thereby reducing stress hormones. Taking a hot bath before going to bed will make people enter a deep state of relaxation. It is also a good way to eliminate stress.

Keep pets
When you get home from work at night, there is no better way to let a lovely pet help you forget your stress. It's good to have a dog or cat. Touching your pet will help you lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. If you don't like pets, you can also try raising some small goldfish.

Laughter can relieve the tension of the heart, blood pressure, and muscles, thus dispersing the pressure. Scientists have found that laughter has the same effect as aerobic fitness. When people laugh, their heartbeat, blood pressure, and muscle tension rise significantly and then fall below their original levels. Don't hesitate, laughter will make people more relaxed.

Wear clothes that satisfy yourself
Research shows that different clothes can bring people different moods. Clothes that are too tight or with rough fabrics can easily lead to people's fragile and low mood, and clothes that are not fashionable enough can also easily lead to people's inferiority complex and feeling great pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to dress to your satisfaction, and the cloth network solves these dressing problems.
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