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The Applications Of Zorb Ball

Nov, 24, 2021

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It wasn't long after the zorb ball was invented, people began to come up with innovative ways to have fun with them. Zorb ball parks have sprung up all around the world in recent years (mainly in the United States, New Zealand, Canada and other countries). Some sports and adventure enthusiasts gather to host various indoor and outdoor activities.


Roll down a gentle slope

One of the most popular inflated ball games is also probably the simplest: climbing into a ball and rolling down a huge hill. If you try to enter a ball and roll down a gentle slope, you may find it more interesting and exciting than you think.

Most specialist parks and "gravity parks" internationally feature some form of downhill experience. If you don't have a gravity park near you, you can always use a grass hill with a gentle slope (remember, don't try anything dangerous!). Most hills used for sledding in winter months should be safe for zorb ball games.

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Zorb ball wrestling
Another popular game is zorb ball wrestling, where two "combatants" roll into each other, sometimes on a track, and try their best to knock each other out of a specified area. It's sort of like sumo wrestling, only inside a large and transparent ball.


Zorb ball for rent
They are tremendous fun and make for great party rentals, especially at birthday parties with pool access. As popularity of the zorb ball is growing rapidly, some people have discovered its business opportunities, and renting this ball can bring them huge economic benefits.


Zorb ball soccer
Zorb ball soccer is not only famous as a fun game, but begins to be valued by some people as a sport. Known internationally as "zorb ball football," which involves players running and rolling in their inflated balls, sometimes with their feet inside or outside of the balls, and moving soccer balls around the pitch as well.


Buy a zorb ball
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