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Why Is Water Zorbing So Popular?

Nov, 24, 2021

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In general, water zorbing is a giant transparent ball. It is divided into two layers between the two layers were filled with air. The distance between the two layers is 1.5m, men fixed to the inner layer of the ball can be single or double play, balls are equipped with seat belts.

In addition, water zorbing is a kind of decorous motion set recreation, fitness sport. It is popular in Europe. This sport let us enjoy water sports fun. At the same time, we can improve our coordination balance ability and movements of the body by walking through the exercise on the water. Water zorb ball activity was found to be most consistent with the coordination of body and systemic movement with the popularity of the games, the introduction of transformation, become a recreation characteristics of water sports suitable for mass movement.

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Ride it on slopes

Of course, water zorbing can also be used on slopes. There are artificial or natural slopes on zorbing sports venue, and slope of about 30degrees. When the ball is rolling down the slope, people inside with the ball are doing a 365–degree rotation, they can experience the dual stimulation of weightlessness and rotation that is quite enjoyable. Playing zorbing can stimulate the heart.


High quality
Water walking ball is made of plates with high strength polymer PVC materials has the characteristics of aging resistance, tensile resistance, not broken, non-toxic, tasteless, it is base on the European environmental standards, air tightness is highly safe. And the diameter usually from 1.5meters -2.5 meters.


Where to buy a zorb ball?
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